Ladies that lunch

I just had a lovely lunch with Elizabeth, Pam, and Monica.  Goodness, oh how I love my job on days like today…when I get to sit and chat about fabric, books and sewing with some amazingly talented people.  And Elizabeth was so sweet to bring us a gift made with her new fabrics from P&B textiles called Red Rose Farm!

This adorable pincushion!

Elizabeth Scott

Aren’t her fabrics beautiful?!  This is especially exciting as I recently received a pincushion upgrade from my husband (I was still using the 1970s brown square pin cushion that I made in Home Ec class in the 80s) after he saw me looking at it on Etsy from this wonderful artisan.  So I have two new pincushions!


I am especially thrilled with Elizabeth’s as I am ashamed to admit that I have picked up the pincushion mug of coffee thinking it was my actual coffee!  Yes, you are reading the work of a true genius here.  To be fair, we do have mugs from the PB basics line that look exactly like them…really.

Thanks, ladies, for a lovely chat in the middle of a beautiful day!

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Antique Fair

Twice a year, the Antique Fair comes to our city.  Owning a consignment shop, I usually don’t find a lot that I want, but this time, they had some vintage fabrics that I could not resist.  My pocketbook is safe until it comes again in the Fall!

Antiques Fair 1

booths up and down the whole street…

Antiques Fair 2

Antiques Fair 3

I love this color combination!  Sea glass green and cotton candy pink.

Antiques Fair 4

I almost came home with that orange…um, what should I call it?

OrangeHere is where the vintage linens got me!

Antiques Fair 5

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Tuesday Night draw!

I started this great tradition from something that was inspired from the blog by Amanda Blake Soule, which was a family draw night.  So every Tuesday we sit down at the dinner table and someone decides on a theme for the evening (last night was ‘things you find at the beach’) and we all draw pictures until the page is full!

the beach

And each week on our fridge, we swap out the new for the old.  Fabulous, right?

And this is what I love about blogging.  That from the millions of posts each day, I can see one that turns out to be an idea that changes the way we interact as a family.  Like many (although sooner that I thought as I am still a newbie blogger), I have now had a moment where I really regretted that the “private” thoughts I record in my personal blog were able to be read by someone whom I wish would just rather not have.  But, that’s the nature of the beast I suppose.  So, I look at the positive, and what I gain from being a part of the larger community and feel happy to be here.

So, enough of that!  You should try setting aside a night a week for this (or even one night a month if that is all you can manage). We always enjoy it as it breaks up our usual nigh-time dinner, bath, book and bed.  Thanks, Amanda, for helping us find ways to continue to connect as a family!

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Thomas Room done…almost

So, I need to get the curtains up, but aside from that I call this Thomas-fest room DONE!

Thomas room

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Window I am loving right now

In our last few houses, we have installed this fabulous frosted film.  Our house in London was on a busy street, and our last house, as in this house, the front windows are facing North = no light whatsoever.  So, we installed only one of my beloved Scalamendre fabric curtains panels and found this vintage stained glass at our store, used advice from The Not So Big House about creating a circle in the window, and here we have it!


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Gifts for girls

So, I totally bailed on the hats which I am still making, but I defaulted to my favorite gift to make which is the Inside the Black Apple Doll (which was featured on Martha Stewart which are the only instructions I could find here).  I love these dolls, so I made up another one and gifted it with a set of lacing cards.  One happy little 3 year old princess!


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Hat Project


I’m working on a summer hat (or two) for a birthday girl for next weekend.  I went to the fabric store and pulled bolts of pink and purple and blue-100% over-the-top girly.  Such is the curse of being the mom of two boys.  Then I thought about all of these lovely Japanese magazines I have been reading and how minimalist, refreshing and clean their designs look with just simple fabrics so I put it all back and got some linen and lace and floss.  I’ll use the thrifted felted purple wool to make a flower using this inspiration I saw at Quilt Market last week:


Darn it if I didn’t write down the name of the designer (sorry if it is yours and I didn’t credit you!). I love the raw edge layering.

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Returning to “normal”

Wow!  Well, we moved!

I have had the craziest, most exhausting, roller-coaster, never-ever (*ever*)-want-to-repeat few months. Work has been endlessly and needlessly drama-filled, taxes, a surprise trip to Colorado, yucky tummy bugs for the entire family, travelling to Quilt Market in Minneapolis, oh, and did I mention moving?

The last time we moved, it was just me and DH. I can’t believe how wildly I underestimated the impact of kid stuff on our move. We even had a massive garage sale but we still have too many possessions.

Ah well, enough focusing on the agony of the move, here are some of my favourite things:


Did I mention how much I love books? This is just one of the five bookcases we have in the house, but it is the first thing you see when you come into the front door. I had seen so many great designer photos where they organized their books by color, that I had to give it a try! DH said that it would look obsessive, but after I had it all done, he said he like it! Woot! Me too!


Here is a DIY project using a $120 IKEA red dresser as an additional kitchen surface for our microwave and to store the ridiculous amount of Tupperware we own! I bought some laminated cotton by Anna Maria Horner, used spray adhesive to adhere it to the top and tacked it all around the top using upholstery tacks. Now, it won’t ruin the top of with spills etc. I know it works like a dream as one of the first things I did was put a vase of roses on top which promptly tipped over!

Next is one of my very favourite things we picked up from our consignment store but never installed at the old house.  Ta da!

Side of light

And here it is from the bottom…

light fixture

Cool, right? All original chrome, milk glass and heavy iron. Makes me happy every time I look at it.

So, I am sparing you photos of all of the unpacked boxes in the garage and the paint brushes sitting in the sink. Nice to be settled in a bit more and get a chance to share some of the results!

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Packing packing packing

Books and Photos

Sorry so quiet….

Spare bedroom filled to the brim

Tough decision making and I’m trying to use the ‘If you haven’t touched it in a year then it goes’ rule.    Must.  Be.  Strong.

Can't part with them

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I’m collecting a collection

Garage sale finds from the weekend….

Massive, filled-to-the-brim box of…

Deep Box Profile

Makings of a stamp quilt

Stamps!  They are from all over the world and most of them are used.  I think this is why it pays to open boxes at garage sals.  All for $5!  I went through some of them with the kids yesterday and they were facinated.  I won’t hoard them, but will definitely be looking to these for some sewing inspiration.  I usually shy away from pastels.

And, I also finally (F-I-N-A-L-L-Y) found the entire ChildCraft series for sale!  And all for a buck a book ($15 in all).  It’s the 60s version as opposed to the 50s version, which I am ashamed to say that she had as well.  The aesthetic in the 50s set was amazing but as I plan to actually use them for my kids instead of gazing lovingly at them on our bookshelf, I thought they should be as up-to-date as possible.

Childcraft Stack

For those who don’t know about this series, I first found out about it from Elsie Marley blog here and there are a couple more blogs that rave about it here and here and is listed in one of Craftzine’s favourite kids crafting books (#1 in fact).  It’s a wonderful series of books that is packed with stories and activities that have a global perspective.  In each volume hey have an astounding variety of rich illustrations and photographs to keep the kids engaged:


City stories

Much better choice than the Captain Underpants stories we were in the middle of!

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