For A’s first day at school, I made him a little worm from the most fantastic book: Wee Wonderfuls.  I am completely in love with this book and want to make just about every project. This project freaked me out a bit because Hilary named this after her grandmother, Evelyn, which is also the name of my maternal grandmother.  So, it was a nice homage (even though she was a bit of a cranky cow)!

So, I used a felted green sweater I had and spent one of my Editorial Meetings sewing her up!  It was still dark out when I left the house, so the pictures aren’t great and I feel like I may have made her look a bit like a robber rather than a bookworm, but there you have it.

A loved her and was really proud to take her to his teacher.  I hope the teacher does not think that we are a completely mad family!  I mean, a worm out of any context is a bit…well, it isn’t exactly an apple, is it.  I hope she gets it.  Maybe if I had sent an apple with it?

If you haven’t seen the book yet, you should find a copy. Next, I’m making the dress-up pillow from her book for a birthday party this weekend!

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Tufted Tweets

Okay, I think I have a plan for the Tufted Tweets now.  I mapped out a rough sketch of the design:

I have cut all of the strips…

And I am now sewing them all into wonky strips for the borders.  I added strips of white to break up the heavy deign but I may take advice from Rayna Gilman and slash the strips up again.  Maybe add some black borders in to act as a secondary neutral.


We’ll see where I end up.  Still looks a bit mad (in the British sense, that is).  That is some crazy fabric and it is strange to work within one collection only but that is only for the wonky strips.  I’ll use a variety from my stash for the spiderweb blocks in the corners and may add in some…I don’t know.  Something.  I do love her fabric and the quilt will be for the store, so there is a lot of context there what with the furniture and all ;-)

We ordered the Home Depot rewards points from our Amex today for the sheetrock for the studio today!  YIPPEE!! So hopefully I can move out of the tiny bedroom  and into the studio before the end of the year!

And the best part of this afternoon….there is a fresh French loaf in the bread machine due to be ready in T minus 45 minutes!  Yummy.  I am a sucker for fresh bread.

Hope you all had a productive weekend too.

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Cousins are Visiting!

Family is visiting from Arizona this week and life is B-U-S-Y.  I can see why so many parents say that once you have two kids then there really isn’t a big difference with three or four because they all kind of play with each other.

And my little boy turned three.  Wow.  I can’t believe it was only three years ago and I can’t believe it has already been three years.  I certainly do remember the terror that we would never get to meet each other after being rushed around the hospital for an emergency C-Section though.  If there is only one bit of big time karma that I was ever owed, I would die happy knowing that it was that moment when I cashed that karma in!

All of the cousins gathered around to find out what was inside the bags of presents he received last night.  Thomas is still the top of the list, just like last year.  With A, every week he likes something different, but with O, Thomas has lasted for 18months or more now.

And the Saturday haul.  A lot of people have asked me what I find on garage sales and this weekend was pretty typical.  We sent a full truck of goodies up to the store to sell including: a sofa, two chests of drawers, an ottoman, three lamps, some artwork, a coffee table/endtable/sofa table trio and a few other odds and ends that I can’t remember.  What I kept is shown above.  A bunch of clothes for A in sizes 6-8 (6 hoodies, 4 T shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of PJs, some shin guards, and a pair of swim trunks) that I will store until he is ready, an unopened box of Mars LEGO (SCORE!), 2 Disney VHS tapes, 4 DVDs for the kids, a Pottery Barn dinosaur quilt, sidewalk chalk and for me: a Natural light lamp for my embroidery.

I even found two Janie and Jack things above…the cutest cars shirt made with felt and a cars and roads sweater. I found this Old Navy sweater with a dog on the front too.  All these were 3T for O.

So, that’s what I usually find.  Everything you see in the photo above was $46 in total.  I actually usually find one or two things for the house too, but not today. Anyhow, I promise that I won’t bore you with a post like this in the future…maybe that will teach you to ask! :-)

I do want that sofa that we bought today though, just won’t fit in the house!

Hope you guys had a good week too!

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Garage Sale Find: Sorry Sandy

Dear Sandy Klop,

You know that I love your designs enormously, and I hope you also know that I think you are one of the nicest people in the fabric industry.  I am sorry that you have to be reading this and seeing the attached photo.  I felt like I had to purchase this bag at a garage sale today for $2 to save it from itself.  I tried not to look the seller in the eye when I saw your lovely orange dots in the most unfortunate of marriages.  There was, thankfully, well over a half of a yard that remains unsullied in the bag.  I promise to unpick the unbearably tacky sports themed fabric from the blocks and to pair them with another fabric more worthy of your good name.



p.s. I did also find a Viking Professional hand blender for $10 in the same metallic grey as the $20 KitchenAid Artisan mixer I scored last weekend so I feel like the garage sale karma is in my favor at the moment.

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Latest Baby Quilt

I love making baby quilts as they come together so quickly and easily.  I used some flannel for the randomly pieced strips and minkie for the binding.

I found the pink leaf fabric on the back from a garage sale last year.  She was the Pottery Barn sheeting buyer and had all of these sheeting samples.

It was a gift for my neighbour who just had a baby girl, Natalie, last week.  Confession: I wish she hadn’t opened it in front of me because her first response was: ‘This looks homemade’


Then, ‘Did you make it?  How wonderful.  Can I wash it?’


I know you can’t control the level of appreciation for your handmade gifts, but I do wish I had made my exit before she had opened it so I could make up my own version of her reaction!

Ah well.  It was fun to make, and I think I’ll do another random stacked coins for another baby quilt for another friend of mine due next month.

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Garage Sale Find today

My Garage Sale Find today!  I am officially obsessed with this fabric.  Love the colors…what a crazy mix of vintage floral and safari animals.  Must find perfect project for this!

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Urban Ore

On the way back from holiday along the coast, we decided it was time to replace our bathroom sink (picture 80s oak with a cream sink bowl and goal hardware…ick).  Being a cheap so-n-so and into reusing whenever we can, we went to Urban Ore Ecopark in Berkeley to look for a replacement.  We wanted a vintage 40s cottage feel pedestal sink to go with our new house.

There was quite a selection:

I almost talked DH into the pink suite:

But in the end we went with a classic pedestal and only paid $50!  Woot!

I love reclamation yards, and want to go back to see if we can find an old wooden screen door.

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Tufted Tweets Coasters

Oh Tufted Tweets, how I love you so!  I finally made some coasters.  I seriously cannot believe that it took me so long!  We’ve needed them for ages, and when my lovely 1/2 yard cuts from the full collection of Tufted Tweets came in, I couldn’t resist.  I want to make up a bunch of small things from this collection of fabric which is one of complete favorites as it has the perfect combination for me.  It’s like my life in fabric.  Birds.  Furniture.  Fabric.  All it would need is a couple of kids thrown in and a husband somewhere and it would be all of the things I love best…in a fabric!  Oh, and books.  hmm…not the most attractive fabric line, but surely the best life combo for sure!

I used some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane cotton laminate on the other side which is so fantastic to sew with.

Finally, a place for my water cup at night.  ahhhh-it really is the little things!

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Hat completed…almost

Okay Annemarie…here is your hat!


I need to add a flower on the side, but, as you can see, I was completely a big liar when I said that I wouldn’t use girly fabrics—I couldn’t resist using some of the fabulous Bari J. fabrics she was sweet enough to give me from her first collection.  I lined it in pink so that it is reversible!

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Vintage shelf paper


Hurrah!  Garage sale find from the weekend that I just “re-discovered” from the depths of the car!  They could have been $10 and I would have bought them (vintage, floral and graphic..um…no brainer), but lucky for me they were only 25 cents for both!  Yippee!  Does that mean that I actually have to unpack all of my dishes now?

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