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A Question About Book Prices?

So I am packing. Specifically I am packing books, today. My husband and I both began our careers in book publishing. In fact, that is how we met. We both have a love for the printed word and for the … Continue reading

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I’ve got Big Plans, Big Plans, I say….

My BIG NEWS! Wahoooo! I am so thrilled to finally to be able to spill the beans! Now I know how so many of you feel about not being able to say that you are writing a book. I do … Continue reading

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I’ve had a great week! Have you? We settled the floor plan for the studio and began the drywall. That makes me happy.  My first-grader(!!!) sat on my lap and helped me design. He thought we should add in some … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on this post for awhile now. Today, I spent the day installing all of the insulation in the studio conversion.  Here is what it looked like this morning: And here was the end of the day… Anyone … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My 6 year old’s first year at school sped by!  Thank you gifts are upon us.  I wanted to make his teacher a bag with a nice big base (I made this 6″ wide) so that she could store folders … Continue reading

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You read the upside, now here is the downside

So I found that great quilt earlier today, but I did buy a few other items as well (including a handi-quilter frame for $5 and I have no clue how to use but…$5!!!!, a couple of quilting books and a … Continue reading

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Hour-Before-The-Flight Sewing

I was so jealous when I was hearing about everyone’s last-minute projects before coming to Quilt Market last week, as I just figured that I could never work to that kind of timeline.  But it seems that frustration breeds creativity … Continue reading

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Any way you slice it

So, after many, many, many bobbins of thread, some TAP technique for the paintings within the painting, some slashing of the fabric, fusing and then masses of stitching to create the illusion of paint brush strokes, I finally finished my … Continue reading

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Style Stitches Cosmo bag!

I suppose it is a bit off to showcase the bag I made on Sunday after the post I put up on Sunday morning, but I think I needed a project that was a little more familiar.  That…and, I sewed … Continue reading

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New Year’s Project

Finally able to breathe again after the worst flu/cold ever.  So as a treat, I spent yesterday designing a quilt and cutting out most of the pieces.  Yippee!  And this quilt is going to be totally, 100%, completely MINE!  Woot. … Continue reading

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