I’ve had a great week! Have you?

We settled the floor plan for the studio and began the drywall. That makes me happy.  My first-grader(!!!) sat on my lap and helped me design. He thought we should add in some plants, flowers and slippers into the floor plan too! Why didn’t I think of that?! It warms up the place, dontchathink?

You know what else makes me happy? All of your comments, both public and private, I received from my last post. They have been so encouraging, supportive and genuine! I feel happier already!

And you know what happened last week? I put that positive attitude into action. I smiled a lot more, I gave more people compliments, and made an effort  to tell people in my life how appreciative I am of them.  Not in a forced way, but in that way when you say in your head: ‘that was nice’, or ‘they did a great job’, or ‘I haven’t thanked them lately’. Instead of keeping it to myself, I spoke up or wrote it down and let them know. I even *gasp* sent two handwritten notes through the snail mail (and I can’t even remember the last time I did that when it wasn’t a ‘thank you’ card). Now I know that sometimes something will get the best of me, and that there will be good weeks and bad weeks….heck…good moments and bad moments. But this week, I had more than a handful of people tell me that something I said/did made their day!

That makes me happy.

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I am a small business owner, a mother, a crafter and the Editorial Director at a craft book publisher. Opinions and thoughts are mine alone. If you would like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you at susannewoods at hotmail dot com.
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