Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My 6 year old’s first year at school sped by!  Thank you gifts are upon us.  I wanted to make his teacher a bag with a nice big base (I made this 6″ wide) so that she could store folders and papers.

I went to an antiques fair here in town a couple of weeks ago and found these great teatowels from the 70s. I am pretty sure these are really cherries but I think that they can pass for apples.

Here is a photo of the inside:

And because I was able to help out in the classroom once a week,  we would often chat about her little girl, Grace. So….of course I had to make one for her too, right?!

Pretty ballerinas that I picked up from a stall at PIQF last year so that momma and daughter each have one. I hope we get her as a teacher for little O in a couple of years!

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  1. You are on the ball! I was the worst mom in class and did not make a gift. Or buy one for that matter. But the teacher lives around the corner so I’ve got plans…

    Now tell me, do you have any of that fabric left from the inside? With the cursive writing? I can think of a project I have planned that it would be perfect for… Wanna swap?

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