Ladies that lunch

I just had a lovely lunch with Elizabeth, Pam, and Monica.  Goodness, oh how I love my job on days like today…when I get to sit and chat about fabric, books and sewing with some amazingly talented people.  And Elizabeth was so sweet to bring us a gift made with her new fabrics from P&B textiles called Red Rose Farm!

This adorable pincushion!

Elizabeth Scott

Aren’t her fabrics beautiful?!  This is especially exciting as I recently received a pincushion upgrade from my husband (I was still using the 1970s brown square pin cushion that I made in Home Ec class in the 80s) after he saw me looking at it on Etsy from this wonderful artisan.  So I have two new pincushions!


I am especially thrilled with Elizabeth’s as I am ashamed to admit that I have picked up the pincushion mug of coffee thinking it was my actual coffee!  Yes, you are reading the work of a true genius here.  To be fair, we do have mugs from the PB basics line that look exactly like them…really.

Thanks, ladies, for a lovely chat in the middle of a beautiful day!

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5 Responses to Ladies that lunch

  1. I love cream soda and orange blend hmmmm orange creme lol

  2. Rachal says:

    Right now we are only able to afford two ereaders, both Nooks, for our elementary school library. I will use them as one of our library learning centers so that all of the students have a chance to experience them.

  3. elizabeth says:

    I had such a great time! I really believe that creativity and friends go quite well with melted cheese.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    I just wandered over from PKM’s. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon and I can see something fun in the future for all of us sewers and crafters!

  5. happy zombie says:

    If you’ve picked up your pincushion mug and thought it was actual coffee… be careful not to put your feet or sit on E’s [adorable] pincushion. But think of the good stories I’d be able to repeat if you did!

    Today was a blast. A BLAST! Repeat next Wednesday? xoxom

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