Tuesday Night draw!

I started this great tradition from something that was inspired from the blog by Amanda Blake Soule, which was a family draw night.  So every Tuesday we sit down at the dinner table and someone decides on a theme for the evening (last night was ‘things you find at the beach’) and we all draw pictures until the page is full!

the beach

And each week on our fridge, we swap out the new for the old.  Fabulous, right?

And this is what I love about blogging.  That from the millions of posts each day, I can see one that turns out to be an idea that changes the way we interact as a family.  Like many (although sooner that I thought as I am still a newbie blogger), I have now had a moment where I really regretted that the “private” thoughts I record in my personal blog were able to be read by someone whom I wish would just rather not have.  But, that’s the nature of the beast I suppose.  So, I look at the positive, and what I gain from being a part of the larger community and feel happy to be here.

So, enough of that!  You should try setting aside a night a week for this (or even one night a month if that is all you can manage). We always enjoy it as it breaks up our usual nigh-time dinner, bath, book and bed.  Thanks, Amanda, for helping us find ways to continue to connect as a family!

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I am a small business owner, a mother, a crafter and the Editorial Director at a craft book publisher. Opinions and thoughts are mine alone. If you would like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you at susannewoods at hotmail dot com.
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