Yippee! I’m on The Long Thread!

Wow!  I got ink…(okay, well virtual ink…and,no I did not get a new tattoo so I don’t mean that kind of ink)

That will teach me not to check-in on my blog for a week!

Picture 1

She picked up my Love Notes Tutorial.  I think I actually did squeal!

I do have to say that my kids just love it and look there every day.  I did think that it was a bit naff at first but they all really like it.  I think I timed it very closely to the Advent Calendar checking so they kind of got into the habit of looking for something every morning.

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I am a small business owner, a mother, a crafter and the Editorial Director at a craft book publisher. Opinions and thoughts are mine alone. If you would like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you at susannewoods at hotmail dot com.
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9 Responses to Yippee! I’m on The Long Thread!

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